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Shari Warren

Shari Warren

San Francisco Bay Area, CA


Shari Warren's Illustrations appeal to audiences of all ages. Specialty art collections include humorous chefs and waiters, lots of ladies, yummy food- including desserts and chocolates, darling dogs, holiday art and other fun characters. Her charming and whimsical images are licensed to manufacturers and publishers for art prints and canvases, giftware, tableware, wall decor and home accessories products, calendars, children's books, magazines, greeting cards, stationery, advertising and more.

As an artist and illustrator living in the Northern California, it has been my life long passion to create artwork that makes people smile. I use a variety of media, both traditional and digital, to create my work and love to experiment with different artistic techniques. That said, all of my artwork begins with good old fashioned pencil and paper. My professional background is in the publishing and software industries working as an Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Art Director. Today, I devote my career to staying up on current consumer trends and creating art collections that I hope people will enjoy and buy.

Enjoy! :-)


Seashells on Blue-Ocean by Shari Warren


Seashells on Blue-Sea by Shari Warren


Seashells on Blue-Shore by Shari Warren


Busy Chef with Bordeaux by Shari Warren


Busy Chef with Beaujolais by Shari Warren


Busy Chef with Chianti by Shari Warren


Busy Chef with Cabernet by Shari Warren


Chefs Say Eat Chicken by Shari Warren


Chefs with Fresh Eggs by Shari Warren


Wine Chef IV by Shari Warren


Wine Chef III by Shari Warren


Wine Chef II by Shari Warren


Wine Chef I by Shari Warren


Wine Sommelier by Shari Warren


Kiss the Cook by Shari Warren


Chef Smell the Coffee by Shari Warren


Waiters DINE by Shari Warren


Waiters WINE by Shari Warren


Waiter with Entree by Shari Warren